MobileBlaster is made with the latest hardware chips and platform. As such, buying this machine means you will enjoy zero maintenance as there is no need for future upgrades and other additional costs.

We are the original company who makes MobileBlaster machine which is highly user-friendly and reliable. Our machine supports up to 255 characters in a message while the fake ones only support up to 70 characters and produce fake broadcast reports.


MobileBlaster gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience in every possible condition. This is immaterial which network is currently active. Even when the mobile services are down, our hardware will do the job well.

Sending Unlimited SMS without Sim Card is now possible!

MobileBlaster is the only answer to any mobile marketing campaign. Using our latest technology and robust hardware, MobileBlaster detects all the mobile phone signals in one location and then broadcast the message to all these phones within seconds. Through the control panel accessible from your smartphone, you will be able to check the progress of the messages being sent. It’s time to grow your business and brand to greater heights!

No contact numbers required

It can be used for marketing purposes, advertising of content and even for emergency broadcasting especially when there are no internet or Wi-Fi service. As such, the MobileBlaster is perfect to reach your clients in sub-urban or rural areas. Using this platform, you can send your SMS to the recipient within a certain radius regardless of their phone numbers.

Set up and Power source

We provide you with the hardware which is easy to set up and configurable within minutes. You can use power bank(high powered) or just plug in to your car lighter jack to power up the device.

Portable and mobile

Weighing only 4kgs, the MobileBlaster hardware is very lightweight. As such, you can carry it around on your motorcycle or car and even in a bag.

Mobile number masked and kept private

With MobileBlaster, you can key in any mobile number as sender ID to send out SMSes.

No more Web SMS Gateway

Still using web SMS gateway? Your content being filtered by telcos? Not anymore with MobileBlaster machine!

Who are we?

Our company is mainly involved in telecommunication messaging services. Established in early 2010, we are a team of engineer with many years of industry experience under our belts. Our private company was built to provide top-notch services in both hardware and software so that our clients can enjoy better returns or their marketing campaigns. We have already sold more than 5000 machines across the world with no issues and glitches. Some of our clients have been using our MobileBlaster machines for more than 6 years and we have not received any complaints. You are welcomed to be our sole distributor in new markets or work with us at existing ones with our large network of dealers across the world. Note: Please take note that the MobileBlaster should only be used for marketing campaigns. We do not support or advocate any illegal use for political or

User Friendly Control Panel

MobileBlaster is designed to be as easy to use as possible. This is why it comes with a user-friendly control panel which can be accessed from your smartphone. The software is designed to avoid detection and against any form of intrusion. Just a few simple steps:

  • It will only take a few seconds and you can use the system immediately. First, select the frequency that your message will be sent out to.
  • Type your message and derive the content
  • Select the time and schedule to send out or just blast away!
  • Order a cup of coffee at a local café, read a magazine and your campaign is launched even before you finish the meal.