Using WhatsApp for Customer Service

WhatsApp Business API offers you real-time communication and notification. This has enabled corporations in offering faster and more effective customer service.

Suitable for business in any industry

With the user-friendly interface and tools, WhatsApp Business has been adopted by businesses in all types of industries including those in banking, travel and tourism, media and others. Among those that have been used include:

  • Current affairs and issues – With real-time information and notifications, WhatsApp has become the industry standard for agencies like WHO to communicate vital information like what is happening in the COVID-19 global situation.
  • Hotels and homestays – Hotel rooms can be booked and confirmation obtained for users who are traveling in other countries. This is because WhatsApp users are platform and telco independent.
  • Media and programming – WhatsApp Business can be used for media owners and television channels by providing updates and special promotions on pay-per-view or even free-to-air progammes. Payments can be made and checked in real-time.
  • Airlines and tourism – Real-time flight details, changes and delays can be communicated via WhatsApp. Many airline companies have already adopted this function.
  • Financial markets – WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is a secure platform that can be used to connect banks with customers.

A Comprehensive CRM

With our WhatsApp Business API, we provide you with a complete suite of applications that allow you to integrate into your CRM. Now you can easily convert interests into leads and into sales.

Gone are the days when you need to hire telemarketers and make calls. Use WhatsApp and connect with your customers directly. They are more comfortable communicating this way.

Retail industries benefiting the most

It has been found that the retail and shopping industry has benefited the most with WhatsApp Business. Special discounts, upcoming new launches and any other forms of promotions can be channeled directly to your customers.
A retail brand recently launched a special campaign for its ‘Preferred Customers’. This has created a lot of interests especially among those who are FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

Customer’s response, quick and easy

One of the most important aspects of WhatsApp Business is to obtain your customer’s consent before you can send them messages. Hence, it makes perfect sense that this is done in the easiest way possible.

Make a visible WhatsApp Us Now! on your main page and you can then reach out to them. There is no more any need for them to subscribe to emails or other slow messaging tools.

Better call-to-action rates

Your customers react and respond better and more positively when you speak their language. Use WhatsApp terms or Memes because they are closer to them than formal texts. In return, you get higher CTA rates than every other digital platform.

Ad-hoc and short-term campaigns

With real-time and instant delivery, you can now run ad-hoc campaigns. E-Commerce sites tend to run flash or hourly sales and inform their customers via WhatsApp. You can do the same.

Easy location-based marketing

WhatsApp Business is the ideal platform for businesses that operates in a certain locality. Businesses that sell livestock, groceries or perishable goods can maximize the functions of WhatsApp like real-time notifications and short-term promotions.

Replace conventional marketing methods

WhatsApp Business is a revolutionary tool that allow your customers to subscribe to mobile notifications. You do not need to throw in too much effort to get email subscribers. Users tend to open and read mobile messages better than emails.

Part and assimilate with Social Media

Being the same company means you enjoy uninterrupted and seamless integration with social media like Facebook. Now you can use Facebook Business with WhatsApp, effortlessly.

Impactful Digital Campaigns

The Green WhatsApp logo is among the most recognized in the world today. Run a digital campaign with high success rate. When your users see the logo, they can join immediately. This can be done concurrently.

Find customers who have forgotten you

With WhatsApp, you can send personalized messages. Now, you can identify past customers and try to get them to buy from you again (reminding them that you have not forgotten them).

Instant customer service

Dedicate a WhatsApp channel for customer service. Your customers get instant replies (and vice versa) where they can communicate using all types of media in real-time.

Chat and converse with your customers made-easy

Using WhatsApp Business, your operations are part of the digital movement of snap and chat. It is the same way uses today are familiar with when they snap and post. Among the interactions you can enjoy includes:

  • Brand recall and messaging – Let users communicate using your products or brand logo.
  • Current Issues – Associating your brand with issues like being eco-friendly, anti-bribery, etc.

Why Choose Us As Your WhatsApp API Partner

What is a WhatsApp Partner?

A WhatsApp Partner bridges you between your company and the billions of WhatsApp users across the world.

What should I look for in a WhatsApp Partner?

  • Number – Are you given a country code or can you port your current number?
  • Features – Do you get all the WhatsApp API features?
  • Cost – What are your pricing options?

Your Phone Number is Crucial

Your business should have a number with your country and local code. Some allow you to port your current number while you have to get a new number in other cases. In some cases, you can rent a number.

All Features Available

Ensure that you get all the functions in WhatsApp API from your partner. We give you an interface with all these functions which is easy to use and access.

Sending messages securely

Contacts can be imported and your messages are securely communicated. Users are verified and have given consent before communication starts.

Rich content support

Through our WhatsApp API, you can track all your messages sent including status as well as supporting rich messages.

Template Messaging Features

Our WhatsApp API provides you with template message requests, retrieval and localization, ensuring that you reach your target group more effectively like multi-lingual and pricing.

Affordable Pricing Options

Our pricing are competitive and affordable. You can choose either to pay per message, per bundle (or bulk) or you can choose as per active users.

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