Running a marketing campaign but do not have the marketing capacity to do so? Do you want to reach 20,000 mobile phone users every hour? The MobileBlaster gives you the opportunity to do just that! When you own a MobileBlaster, your business options are greatly expanded. Used by thousands of our clients worldwide, the MobileBlaster would be the best business investment in recent years and many years to come. This is the best location-based marketing tool to have come out anywhere and you do not want to miss this opportunity!

Only need to invest once

When you buy the MobileBlaster, it will be a one-time investment and this will be for a lifetime. Expansion is only needed when you buy more MobileBlasters. There will be no need for any other costs or overheads. Once you have bought the machine, you will only need to set it up and your business is good to go. Then, it is up to you to find new ways to reach more customers.

Best Return on Investment in market

Buying the MobileBlaster is the only time you will be paying. Once you have the machine, you will enjoy your ROI at most within the first few months. Some of our clients have break-even in the first few weeks.

Run your own marketing campaign

You can now run your own marketing campaign at your convenience with the MobileBlaster. MobileBlaster is most suitable for businesses like event companies, retail shops, shopping centres and entertainment outlets.

Very affordable and value-for-money

The MobileBlaster rental service is a very value-for-money business. You do not need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for franchising or go through thousands of dollars every month for overheads and salary. Once you have your MobileBlaster up and running, it is entirely up to you to open up to available markets or you can wait for businesses to come calling on you.

Blast anytime and anywhere
With the MobileBlaster, you are free to blast anytime and anywhere. In fact, you only need an hour a day. Designed to be portable and very lightweight, you can run your campaign in a café, outdoors, indoors, in a car or even on a bike.

Future Proof Technology
The MobileBlaster is truly future-proof. This means that you need not have to pay anything as there will be no need for upgrades in the future. With zero maintenance, you pay once and then work your way to breaking even and then enjoying clean profit. The only time you need to pay extra is when your business expands and you are buying additional machines. On top of that, the MobileBlaster comes with warranty which gives you the peace of mind you need.

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