Marketing and Promotional SMS Templates

Use these templates if you are venturing into a marketing and promotions campaign either for your brand or product. You will find that they are extremely effective because you can reach your target market directly and communicate any form of information that are crucial to them.


Buy 1 Get 1 Free all of January. Come to your branch in Amapng Suria today.

Loyalty Programme

Enjoy 15% discount for lunch hours at Siva’s Rest. Send ‘FREELUNCH’ to this number.


50% off daily pass at Brickboys Wonderland all through June. Reply to this message or call us.

Opening Times

Come and shop till wee hours all through April. We are open until 3am every day from now until Christmas.

New Website

Additional 5% discounts on promo items at our newly launched mobile site, from 1 to 3 October.

Invitation to Subscribe

Subscribe by replying YES to this number and you won’t miss anymore new promotions from Capt Fresh Foods.

Appointment Reminders

The following templates are most perfect if you are in the service industry. Whether you are a saloon or a clinic, as long as your customers need to make appointments, being able to communicate with them via SMS would make the connection faster and more reliable.

Hair Salon

Your appointment with our senior stylist Mr James is confirmed tomorrow at 10am


Your annual dental checkup is confirmed for July 4 @ 4pm. Call us for any changes


Your appointment with Mr Chan is at 9am at our Cheras branch next Friday, 2 September


Your massage session is confirmed this Saturday at 4pm. Please be here 15 minutes earlier to get ready

Real Estate Agents

Jim will be showing you the property this Friday at 1pm. Call this number to change your appointment

Recruitment Agencies

Your interview with Munny Retail is confirmed at their Sg Wang branch this Saturday at 12pm. Send YES to confirm.

SMS Notifications and Alerts

The templates below are commonly used to send out instant notifications and very good if you need to inform your customers about certain updates in the shortest time possible. As such, you will notice that logistics companies and banks would most likely use these messages.

Delivery Notifications for Banks

Your upgraded credit card can now be collected at our banks HQ in Jalan Raja

Delivery Notifications for Packages

Your package will be delivered to your house today. Tracking #ED48730

Delivery Reminder

Your purchase will be dispatched and should arrive at your address in the next 2 days. To change the time, please call this number

Account Status Notification

Your account has been updated. Please wait for 2 hours before checking your account

 Cancellation Notification

Your Accounting lecture today has been cancelled. Please check your timetable for replacement class info

SMS Confirmations

Sending out confirmations must be very reliable and prompt. Flight companies and hotel networks will use SMS confirmations as they need to relay such information to their customers at all times and especially when there are changes.

Flight Reminder

Boarding of your flight JK4039 is confirmed at 2.05pm on 17 Dec. Enjoy your flight.

Changes in Flight Times

Your flight BK9389 has been delayed for 4 hours. Call us for more info

Hotel Booking Confirmation

Your reservation number 394857KJ at Milo Hotel on 5 Mar is confirmed

Payment Confirmation

Thank you for your payment for transaction #987754. Doess SB

Payment Reminders

The templates below can be used by companies that need to send out courteous reminders to their customers of payments due. This is most common among insurance companies, financial institutions and other organizations that offer loans to their customers.

Insurance Due Reminder

Your medical insurance policy HJG48545H is overdue. Contact us for further details

Loan Due Date Reminder

Please remit payment for your monthly instalment for acc IS458495.

Defaulted Loan Reminder

Your loan #5468394 is now defaulted. Call us immediately to discuss other options. Finast Credit

Payment Plan Reminder

Your loan is still outstanding. Call us today to discuss new payment options

Unpaid Invoice Reminder

Your last payment for invoice 20148574 is still pending. Please make payment immediately or call us at this number

Banking Templates

The following samples are usually used by banks and other financial companies. They are usually very private and confidential in nature which means they need to be addressed directly to the recipient, conveying any information that has been requested beforehand.

Balance Information

Your current balance is US4596.09. Amethyst Bank

Transaction Alerts

You have transferred US400 to Ahmed Ghazli. Your balance is now US80945.94.

Fraud Alerts

Call us now to rectify some unusual activities in your account.

Deposit Alerts

You have just deposited US800.00 into your account. Amethyst Bank

High-Balance Alerts

Your account is about to exceed its predetermined limit. Upgrade your limit by calling us now

Overdraft Alerts

You have an overdrawn amount of –US50.00. Call us or deposit funds as soon as possible.

Low-Balance Alerts

Your account is overdrawn and is now at US3.00.

SMS Polls

SMS is commonly used to carry out simple surveys. This is most commonly seen among companies that use SMS to find out quick information about a certain service satisfaction level which could cover customer service, product satisfaction or any other issues related to the business.

SMS Contest Templates

  1. Send text ‘DreamCar’ to 780-594-39 and you could win the car of your dreams. Winners will be announced at Kalim Automart on 30 June.
  2. How many elephants are there in the zoo? Send your answer to 349-5943 and stand a chance to win a trip to Europe.

Staff Communication

SMS provides companies a new platform to connect better with their employees. In using SMS, the company can now send quick details of meetings and even festival greetings to their employees in the shortest time possible at the convenience of their fingertips.

Events and Conference Notifications

Get your conference tickets now. Early birds enjoy 10% discounts. Visit

Seasonal Greetings

Selamat Hari Raya to you Mr Razali. Show this SMS and get a free gift for the occasion

SMS Vouchers

Present this SMS at CBR Cinemas and claim a free movie ticket while stocks lasts

Delivery Pick-up Confirmation

Your next delivery pick-up is at 12pm at Vivo Street

Meeting Postponed

The Board Meeting this Thursday has been postponed until further notice

Staff Request

Are you up for more working hours? Text ‘YES’ to this number

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