WhatsApp and Telegram are 2 of the most widely-used messaging apps in the market today. If you are a business and you are not in these apps, you are losing out the potential of close to 2.5 billion users across the world.

Knowing who your users are

One of the very distinctive features of messaging apps is that a contact number will automatically be included in the chat contacts once you have added it to your phone. This is how it works in WhatsApp and Telegram.

Getting more done

If your business is launching a new product or carrying out a promotion, you want to reach your customers (and potential ones) where they are. Looking for them in WhatsApp or Telegram can be very challenging as you do not have their contact information.

One of the most tedious methods is to add random (or sequential) numbers manually. While this is logically possible, the possibilities are endless.

Your best solution

Use the WhatsApp and Telegram Filter which gets this done in the shortest and easiest way. You can now find and discover your customers using an easy-to-use process. You can now generate up to 50,000 numbers in as fast as 5 minutes.

How does the filter work?

What you want to do is to decide with a string of numbers, then you can work your way sequentially. With the WhatsApp Filter, you no longer need to type in a telephone number manually and check if it is registered with WhatsApp.

All you need is the first few digits and how many proceeding numbers (thousands) you want to work with. The filter will check and inform you which one is and which one isn’t. This is as simple as that.

Starting with the WhatsApp Filter

To use the filter, you can use either the WhatsApp business or personal number. You need a basic computer and a standard web browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • Decide on the country and its code. Type it into the Filter.
  • Decide on the first few digits of the number for example 484.
  • Type in how many numbers you want the filter to generate. You can choose any number like 8,000.
  • Start generating.
  • You will get the results that will be displayed in 2 columns. The first column will be all the sequential numbers starting from 484. The second column will show you which is a WhatsApp number and which is not. This is represented by ‘Exists’ and ‘Non-Exists’.
  • Those numbers that ‘Exists’ are those that are registered with WhatsApp. The ‘Non-Exists’ are those that you would like to use another type of app.
  • You can then try this out on Telegram.

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